Black Star Bakery Dishes Out Five Star Pastries in the Upper East Side

2021, May 22

I’m always struck by the Upper East Side’s wildly diverse array of bakeries, pizzerias, cafes, beer halls and ethnic eateries. For me — a downtown New Yorker for the past five years — UES feels like a land of untapped food gems, waiting to be snuffled out.

Case in point: Black Star Bakery on York Avenue between 84th and 85th, where I met a friend for coffee and a light bite this afternoon.

Black Star hosts a white, narrow minimalist space and a murderer’s row of in-house baked goods. You’ve got your muffins, your babkas, teensy gluten-free brownie cubes, palm-sized donuts, frosted ‘donut dots’, croissants, and on the plate closest to the register — cookies! Chocolate-chip and M&M cookies, making my heart beat fast; oh, glorious day!

And on top of the extensive menu, Black Star keeps a well-tended patio out back, replete with white umbrellas, white tabletops and fake grass for ideal backyard-summer-in-the-city vibes.

I vanquished my first order — a strawberry-frosted donut dot and M&M cookie — within seconds of sitting down at a patio table. Cue a few more minutes of chatting with my friend, and I was back at the register, picking up two additional cookies — a chocolate-chip and another M&M — and an apple donut.

I submitted the second round of food to a photo shoot, with the help of my friend — that potted plant and coffee cup? Her idea. The second and third cookies confirmed that Black Star’s are top-of-the-line — chewy, sweet, chocolatey, and remarkably warm and fresh for the late afternoon.

The apple donut was light and bready; I wouldn’t be surprised if Black Star bakes instead of fries. The little dough-round came layered with a generous spread of sweet apple frosting and moist core of tart apple jelly, making for what I imagine as the perfect breakfast donut.

I would be picking up a Black Star donut every weekend post-run in Central Park, if I didn’t happen to live on the opposite side of town.

Overall, Black Star made for a lovely coffee shop sit-down experience. We were safe and shaded under the patio umbrella, and able to enjoy our food and drinks until the shop closed at 4 p.m..

A five out of five for Black Star Bakery; the place was perfect, what more do you want me to say? Put that cookie on a ‘best-of’ list, give me them donuts after I crush Harlem Hill. Hot vax summer, baby!

Until next time.