Bleecker Street Pizza Gets the Job Done in West Village

2021, Apr 24

The Google location description of Bleecker Street Pizza might just tell you almost everything you need to know.

“Basic pizza shop on a busy corner that offers cheap slices & pies late into the night.”

Is Bleecker Street Pizza basic? Sure, but it’’s New York basic, which could qualify as the best pizza most anywhere else. All the usual suspects are behind glass — pepperoni, sausage, buffalo chicken, a pepperoni-sausage-green pepper and onion slice which I will henceforth refer to as ‘Supreme’ — and you’ll usually get your slice heated out of the oven in less than five minutes.

Bleecker Street Pizza is also extremely reliable. Extremely. I’ll never forget my lunchtime trek during Winter Storm Viola in February, where this place was the only restaurant open in the neighborhood.

Sure, an errant wind gust ended up blowing my pepperoni slice into a snow bluff and I didn’t get to enjoy the full experience, but I suppose that’s besides the point; Bleecker Street Pizza stays on their job serving up hot, fresh slices to the West Village.

Walking through the hothotHOT sidewalks of West Village earlier this evening, I treated myself to a ham-and-pineapple and a Supreme slice. Bleecker Street slices are floppy and very cheesy; salty dices of ham were stacked on top of one another on the ham-and-pineapple, and the fresh pineapple did the job with bursts of fructose in every bite. The supreme slice ran the appropriate gamut of textures: meaty, crunchy, some sweet from the onion, and cheesy.

Bleecker Street Pizza doesn’t skimp on toppings, and you’re liable to want a nap after chowing down. But hey! That’s why their slices work equally well as a nightcap as in a snowstorm, or for early dinner on a lazy Saturday.

A 3.5 out of 5 for Bleecker Street Pizza. Prime pizza in a prime location; what’s to hate?

Until next time.