Chick Chick Delivers Sweet Saturday Serendipity on the Upper West Side

2021, Jul 23

I came upon Chick Chick by happenstance this past Saturday afternoon, which is not how I usually end up at destination-worthy restaurants. A friend and I were walking from Central Park, musing on things like flowers and photography, when boom — the restaurant The Infatuation called ‘the most exciting place for a quick dinner on a Wednesday night,’ standing before us like a beacon on Amsterdam Avenue.

Chick Chick’s servers are exceptionally friendly, cooing and waving to children on the street while still running a very efficient table operation. We were seated right away; scanning the QR code menu, I was unexpectedly pulled towards the Chicken & French Toast. The selling point, I think, were the ‘apple chips’ and ‘maple bourbon’ in the recipe list — two delicious things I don’t eat enough of.

My friend ordered the KSG-Wich (Korean Sweet Gochujang), a white crispy piece of chicken slathered in spicy Korean Gochujang sauce; our food arrived in under ten minutes.

Chick Chick is quick-quick.

My French Toast was soft and gooey — yes, gooey is the right word here, gooey in the way of soft-baked cookies, or how I used to slightly undercook my pancakes. I loved every bite The chicken tender was crispy, salty and sweet from the maple bourbon syrup and powdered sugar; the apple chip was a nice little addendum to the overall savory-sugary palette of the meal.

The KSG-Wich, I am told, was fantastic; my friend rated this a 9 out of 10. KSG-Wich

For myself, I would rate the Chicken & French Toast an 8.6; absolutely delicious, a worthy meal at any time of day, although I would be curious to see how a full breast or thigh would fare in the dish, instead of a tender.

So, on average, an 8.8 for Chick Chick; a bit of sweet serendipity on a Saturday afternoon in the Upper West Side. Does life get any better?

Until next time.