L.A. Burdick Concocts a Chocolate Chip Cookie Masterpiece

2021, May 01

Surrounded by the chocolate bars and bon-bons in L.A. Burdick’s elegant Prince Street storefront, one could easily overlook the glass-domed stack of chocolate chip cookies by the register.

But cookie monsters, heed my call: L.A. Burdick bakes up one of the best cookies in the entire city.

The current Head Chocolatier, Michael Klug, was previously the pastry chef at several Michelin-starred restaurants, and unveiled the cookie recipe in November 2019. I’ve so far not seen the cookie on any of the ‘best of New York’ lists, although Chicago Magazine named the Burdick Cookie as the number 1 in the Windy City.

The lack of hype, for now, is a good thing, and means I can usually count on cookies in the case no matter the time of day.

Stepping into the store this afternoon, I made a beeline for the cookie case and, additionally, picked up a chocolate-covered Guglehupf (mini bundt cake).

Sitting outside at a red metal tabletop, I considered that every Burdick Cookie I've had — whether fresh out of the oven in the morning or at the very end of the day — has been excellent.

My first bite, as expected, sent my eyes rolling to the back of my head. The Burdick Cookie is soft and rich, with generous sweet-bitter veins of dark chocolate and subtle, crunchy chunks of walnut.

Wars have been fought over lesser treasures than this cookie.

The Guglehupf, too, was a decadent, chocolatey delight, slightly messy but fully moist.

I’m predicting L.A. Burdick — long renowned for innovation in Swiss chocolate — is going to start drawing a new generation of foodie-tourists with their pastry prowess.

Just remember you heard it here first — L.A. Burdick cookies. The best. Go getcha some. 5 out of 5 stars.

Until next time.