Mochinut Made My K-Dog Meme Dreams Come True

2021, Nov 13

Walking around for Saturday lunch throughout 2021, I’ve encountered scores of hungry, happy hypebeasts in line for Korean corn dogs at Two Hands Seoul Fresh (Nolita, East Village) and Oh K-Dog (Lower East Side, West Village).

Sometimes I think, why can’t I get a corndog? What makes the cool kids deserve a meme-meal, besides a Supreme hoodie and a TikTok account with over 1,000 followers?

I thought the K-dog trend had just about passed me by, until discovering a carb-y, cheesy, very fusion-y menu of deep-fried gems this afternoon at Mochinut — with (almost) no line!

The half-mozzarella Hot Cheetos dog seemed like an obvious choice for maximum meme-age. I picked up a Lotus-cookie topped Vietnamese coffee mochi donut for the wait, as well as a Bai drink, and had a little moment with Ed Sheeran’s ‘South of the Border’ on the speakers.

Such an underrated song.

Taking the corndog from across the counter, I was impressed by the heft — this thing felt like a small puppy — as well as the angry-red Hot Cheetos coating. K-Dogs, if nothing else, are attention-grabbers, even in a city designed to grab your attention.

As I bit into the K-dog, steaming mozzarella poured forth like white lava from magma rock. The hot dog inside was of the slim, meek, Oscar Mayer-variety, and was frankly overwhelmed by the abundant mozzarella and spicy-sweet Cheetos covering.

Too much cheese and too much spice, however, has never been a problem for me. I savored every bite of this virally decadent treat -— one of those all-too-rare meme-foods whose taste matches the photogenicity.

I give an 8.7 out of 10 for the Mochinut Hot Cheetos mozzarella corndog. Believe the hype, and don’t let the cool kids force you out of line — everyone deserves an NYC K-dog.

Until next time.