Original Square of Soho is Empirical Proof that New York is Back

2021, Oct 08

Original Square of Soho, a tiny Sicilian pizza takeout window near the corner of Spring Street on West Broadway, stands as a great sign for a return to normalcy. Where there is foot traffic, there will be takeout-pizza windows.

When I stopped by earlier this afternoon, a spicy pepperoni pie was soon-to-emerge from the oven. I like my Sicilian pepperoni as much as the next guy; but, with dinner plans later, I didn’t necessarily need a meaty gut-bomb to tame my hunger pain. The white slice — with ricotta cheese, honey and a generous spray of black pepper — seemed like an appropriate big-boy afternoon snack.

I asked the server to make the slice not too hot, and proceeded to spill half my Diet Coke on the sidewalk table where I waited.

Disapproving looks from the Soho bourgeoisie descended upon me. Sigh Will I ever be hip?

Original Square of Soho passed my first test by not making the slice too hot. The deep-dish bread was tender to the touch, and appropriately warm. Biting into a ricotta-filled corner of bread, I forgot all about my spilled Diet Coke and went deep into the cheese-feels.

The white slice’s mozzarella layer was nearly as thick as the crust. The two elements melded so completely that, when observed in profile, you’d be hard-pressed to tell where one layer stopped and the other started.

The honey played a minor role, although a few bites stood out with a burst of sweetness. I’d have liked more honey, but then, more sugar is kind of my M.O.. Pepper and fatty-cheese were the primary taste-factors, and I almost felt like I was eating a homemade after-school snack. Cheese on bread, baby. Do you need anything else in life?

Overall, I give Original Square of Soho a 7.6 out of 10. The place nails the crucial cheese-to-bread ratio, and delivers an ideal hand-held savory treat to nosh while perusing the cobble-stoned promenades of Soho.

Bring on the tourists.

Until next time.