Red Gate Bakery Delivers Creative Whimsy in Every Bite

2021, Jul 31

Red Gate Bakery’s sun-bathed, minimalist storefront near the corner of First Street and First Avenue plays host to ‘turned up’ pastries that follow the instinctual whimsy of owner Greg Rales, rather than conventional trends.

Peanut Butter Miso, White Chocolate Grapefruit, and a snickerdoodle-cardamom creation called the ‘Cardamodoodle’ cookie all make their home in Red Gate’s glass display case; such variety makes choosing exceptionally difficult.

After a bout of indecisiveness this afternoon, I went forward with the Spiced+Iced Oatmeal Cookie — covered with a gorgeous cinnamon lacquer — and the big, beautiful Choco-Toffee Cookie.

Taking a seat at the red-painted table outside, I alternated bites between each cookie and happily considered their similarities; both were thin and chewy, yet rich in browner butter and butterscotch flavor.

The oatmeal cookie especially, laced with deliciously spicy nooks and crannies, put me over the top. I can imagine myself eating a box of these nostalgia-bombs on Christmas Day ‘22, flat-screen TV running a loop of a crackling fire, snow steadily piling up on the fire escape….

See, Red Gates’ cookies have got me conjuring up stories of my own; such is the magic of creative pastries.

I give Red Gate a clean 9.0 out of 10; this very well might be the best bakery in the East Village, and believe me, I’ve been testing. More to come on that front ;)

Until next time.