Smashed Just Smashed the Lower East Side Burger Game

2021, May 08

Smashed, a hip new Lower East Side burger joint, is dishing out ultra-thin, crispy patties that feel about as true to the original midwest smashburger form as you can get.

The menu is almost entirely burger-focused — with single, double and triple patty smashes, Impossible meat options and a trio of signature burgers. I went for a double-smash for my first go-round this afternoon, and opted out of the beef fat fries — which are supposedly excellent — with the intuition that I may want to save room for more burger.

The double-smash came out to the patio in about five minutes, a compact handheld dynamo of a sandwich. The American cheese and ‘Smash sauce’, peeking over lacey, crispy beef, melded the whole composition into a caramelized masterpiece. Fireworks went off in my taste buds with every chew.

I was back at the register mere seconds after my last bite, craving another smashburger. My next pick-up was The Big Shmacc (pictured above), which looked mildly intimidating upon arrival — two patties separated by an extra poppyseed bun, stacked on top of an abundance of cheese and lettuce.

I proceeded with caution, worried I had ordered more than I could handle. But after the first cheesy bite, full of special sauce, pickle and umami-crusted beef, I threw all inhibitions to the wind. The Shmacc was vanquished within minutes.

Did I still have room for a slice of pepperoni pizza from Zazzy’s after? Maybe. But that’s what happens when you skip fries — you save more room for the good stuff.

I give Smashed five out of five stars — probably the best burgers I’ve had all year, and I’d predict, soon to be one of the Lower East Side’s most popular lunch options as hot vax summer gets underway.

Until next time.